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Название: Practical Astronomy with your Calculator or Spreadsheet, 4 edition
Автор: Peter Duffett-Smith, Jonathan Zwart
Год: 2011
Издательство: Cambridge University Press
Формат: PDF
Размер: 20 Mb
Страниц: 238
ISBN: 0521146542
Язык: Английский
Now in its fourth edition, this highly regarded book is ideal for those who wish to solve a variety of practical and recreational problems in astronomy using a scientific calculator or spreadsheet. Updated and extended, this new edition shows you how to use spreadsheets to predict, with greater accuracy, solar and lunar eclipses, the positions of the planets, and the times of sunrise and sunset. Suitable for worldwide use, this handbook covers orbits, transformations and general celestial phenomena, and is essential for anyone wanting to make astronomical calculations for themselves. With clear, easy-to-follow instructions for use with a pocket calculator, shown alongside worked examples, it can be enjoyed by anyone interested in astronomy, and will be a useful tool for software writers and students studying introductory astronomy.


Astrophysical formulae: A compendium for the physicist and astrophysicist
Kenneth R Lang
Год 1980
Стр 783

Provides a comprehensive, widely-used reference to the fundamental formulae employed in astronomy, astrophysics and general physics. One volume, second edition.

Скачать Формат DJVU 7 Мб

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Kenneth R Lang
Astrophysical Formulae: Space, Time, Matter, and Cosmology (Volume 2)
Год 1999
Стр 436
Формат DjVu
Объем 4Мб
This volume is a reference source of fundamental formulae in physics and astrophysics. In contrast to most of the usual compendia it carefully explains the physical assumptions entering the formulae. All the important results of physical theories are covered: electrodynamics, hydrodynamics, general relativity, atomic and nuclear physics, and so on. Over 2100 formulae are included, and the original papers for the formulae are cited together with papers on modern applications in a bibliography of over 1900 entries. For this new edition, a chapter on space, time, matter and cosmology has been included and the other chapters have been carefully revised.


Declan Diver
"Plasma Formulary for Physics, Technology and Astrophysics"
Год 2001
Стр 300
Формат DjVu
Объем 1,1Мб
Plasma physics has matured rapidly as a discipline, and now impinges on many different research areas, including manufacturing processes. The text treats astrophysical plasmas, fusion plasmas, industrial plasmas and low temperature plasmas as aspects of the same discipline; this unique approach is made possible by the abbreviated nature of a formulary.
The collection of all relevant formulae and an up-to-date set of references is giving this book broad appeal and comprehensive authority. To both theorists and experimentalists it will be genuinely useful in a pragmatic, practical way, with the latest results and findings incorporated. From the Contents: Basic Plasma Parameters, Plasma Waves; Plasma Flows and Instabilities; Ionization; Emission; Physical Plasmas;


Практическая астрономия с калькулятором
Стр 193
Год 1982
Язык русский Объем 2,35Мб
Формат DJVU

Автор, сотрудник Кавендишской лаборатории (Англия), написал практическое руководство по выполнению
расчетов, наиболее часто встречающихся в работе астронома-наблюдателя, геодезиста или любителя астрономии (переход от одной системы координат к другой, определение условий видимости светил или различных небесных явлений, вычисление эфемерид и т.п.) Решение каждой задачи сопровождается детальной инструкцией и схемой вычислений на простейшем калькуляторе. Для любителей астрономии и студентов, а также для специалистов, которым приходится решать задачи практической астрономии.


Peter Daffett-Smith
Practical Astronomy with your Calculator
Год 1988
Стр 200
Язык английский
Объем 1,6 Мб
Формат: DJVU
Practical Astronomy with your Calculator, first published in 1979, has enjoyed immense success. The author's clear and easy to follow routines enable you to solve a variety of practical and recreational problems in astronomy using a scientific calculator. Mathematical complexity is kept firmly in the background, leaving just the elements necessary for swiftly making calculations. The major topics are: time, coordinate systems, the Sun, the planetary system, binary stars, the Moon, and eclipses. In the third edition there are entirely new sections on generalised coordinate transformations, nutrition, aberration, and selenographic coordinates. The calculations for sunrise and moonrise are improved. A larger page size has increased the clarity of the presentation. This handbook is essential for anyone who needs to make astronomical calculations. It will be enjoyed by amateur astronomers and appreciated by students studying introductory astronomy.


Jean Meeus
Astronomical Formulae for Calculators
Год 1988
Стр 218
Язык английский
Объем 1,15 Мб
Формат DJVU
This book was a best-seller when it was first published because it was almost the only one source that could help amateurs to unveil the hidden misteries of ephemerides computing. The book was written before the era of the personal computer, when a common person only had access to those luxurious HP or TI programmable calculators, and therefore you cannot expect to get highly accurate results from it because its algorithms were designed to run on those quite limited machines.
You could find this book's algorithms useful if you want a fast calculation and you don't need high precision.

Jean Meeus
Astronomical algorithms
Год 1991
Стр 430
Язык английский
Объем 2,55 Мб
Формат DJVU

Mathematical Astronomy Morsels Jean Meeus
Год 1997
Стр 379
Язык английский
Объем 3,6 Мб
Формат DJVU
The author's book Astronomical Algorithms is all about the precise steps you take to perform certain calculations in astronomy that are rather common with little explanation on how the results were formulated. This book takes a more conversational approach than that book, since the events being described are rare. It might be retitled "Odd occurrences in Astronomy and the Mathematics Behind Them". Don't get me wrong, there are precise algorithmic steps given here, there is just more conversation along the way. You can tell that the author has a real love of his subject matter. If you are interested in observational astronomy, this book is for you. Its extensive listing and description of the rarest alignments, conjuctions, occulations, eclipses, transits, etc., are embodied under one cover. Written with clarity that grade 10 or higher can easily understand. A must have library addition! Скачать

Oliver Montenbruck
Practical Ephemeris Calculations
Год 1989
Стр 146
Язык английский
Объем 1,4 Мб
Формат: DJVU
"Oliver Montenbruck is a great author. But that's not the main reason I bought this book. I am really interested in planetary astronomy. And I do care very much about the motion of minor bodies orbiting the Sun. And sure, I care about the positions of the planets as well. This book is indeed useful for that. And, yes, you can put the equations on your computer or calculator or PDA. And there's an appendix that gives mean orbital elements for Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars as well as osculating orbital elements for Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto for the years 1941 through 2049. That's useful too! But I confess, the real reason I got this book, and the real use I put it to is simple. I can get really confused about how to go between geocentric ecliptic, geocentric equatorial, heliocentric, horizontal, and topocentric coordinates. And this book tells me how to transform my way into the one I want. It also explains the different definitions of time: TAI, ET, TDT, TDB, UT, UTC, AST, MST, GMST, LMST, GAST, LAST, and Julian Date." - customer's review.

Oliver Montenbruck Tomas Pflegerе
Astronomy on the Personal Computer
Год 1994
Стр 312
Язык английский
Объем 2,1 Мб
Формат: DJVU
This long-awaited new edition of Montenbruck and Pfleger's successful book now includes new chapters on perturbation calculations and on the calculation of physical ephemerides of the major planets and the Sun. The diskette which accompanies the book has also been completely revised. The book provides the reader with numerous programs and instructions for time and date calculation and for treating the two-body problem. Each chapter is carefully structured according to topic and closes with a listing of a relevant program, thereby facilitating use as a practical handbook. Necessary astronomical and numerical fundamentals are also included in the text.

О. Монтенбрук , Т. Пфлегер
Астрономия с персональным компьютером
Стр 279
Объём: 9,3 мб
Год: 1993
Формат pdf

Книга автора из ФРГ содержит большое количество программ, обеспечивающих вычисление юлианских дат, преобразование координат, расчеты моментов восхода и захода светил, положение планет, комет и Луны, вычисление орбит по позиционным наблюдениям, обработку астрометрических измерений по фотографиям. Все программы составлены на языке Паскаль, они сопровождаются пояснением алгоритмов и вычислительных методов. Может служить учебным пособием. Для астрономов-любителей и профессионалов.

Архив CD 39 MB

Юпитер Происхождение и внутреннее строение
Под ред: Герелса Т.
255 стр
Объём: 2,6 мб
Год: 1978
Формат: djvu

Книга представляет собой сборник научных статей написанных различными учёными, которые так или иначе касаются объявленной в заглавии книги темы.
Происхождение и строение Юпитера и его спутников, Атмосферы и ионосферы, Магнитосфера Юпитера: частицы и поля, О происхождении солнечной системы и Юпитера с его спутниками, Модели внутреннего строения Юпитера, Гравитационное поле Юпитера, Движение спутников и астероидов: естественные зонды гравитационного поля Юпитера, Строение, состав и гравитационное поле Юпитера, Внутреннее строение Юпитера, теория гравитационного зондирования, Спутники Юпитера, Модели строения и тепловой истории ледяных Галилеевых спутников, Метеорные тела в окрестности Юпитера, Наблюдение спутников Юпитера с помощью уф-фотометра, установленного на КА "Пионер-10, -11", Атмофера и оптические Эмиссии ИО, Модели декаметрового излучения Юпитера, Поглощение частиц радиационного пояса внутренними спутниками Юпитера.


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